Adrián Vega has studied for five years in the very prestigious “Escuela de Magia de Ana Tamariz”, where he met and shared ideas with top magicians such as Alberto de Figueiredo, Ignacio Brieva, Luis Piedrahita, or Mr. Juan Tamariz. Without knowing at that time, that in the years to come, he will co-work with Tamariz himself for the recording of one of his DVD´s.

Lately, he keep on going with his training being part of the “Sociedad Española de Ilusionismo” (SEI), and expand his knowledge about Theatre and performing arts, with courses of Clown, Commedia dell´Arte, stand-up comedy…in order to improve his passion, MAGIC.

After various awards of renown, like the Spanish First Prize in Close Up Magic, and just because of his dedicated work and passion, in 2014 he began to create and establish a career of performing thru the world, in which Adrián Vega work in Town Square (Las Vegas), being part of a varied cast of actors, musicians, dancers from Cirque Du Solei.

In his way back to Spain, he sails the seas with Balearia, becoming the magical image of the company. In 2015 he sign for a formal contract with the famous magician and celebrity in Las Vegas, CRISS ANGEL, who hire Adrián for a tour thru the United States as a close-up star and street magician.

Also, currently Adrian Vega is a active consultant of Criss Angel for his TV Shows in USA.


Adrian Vega has performed in different countries and cities like New York, Italia, Londres, Spain, Sahara, Philadelphia, Washington, Alemania, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, Las Vegas…



  • In 2009, he first compete with his magic act, achieving a double First Price, in Close Up and Stand Up Magic in Córdoba, acclaimed for a public jury, becoming the very first magician to ever won this award.

  • In 2013, he compete in the most prestigious magic contest of Spain, obtaining the First National Prize of Card Magic, a prize given to magicians such as Juan Tamariz, Pepe Carroll, …etc.

  • Months later, he won the "Award of Merit" in the most prestigious magic festival of Europe, in London (Ron McMillan), becoming the most awarded Spanish magician of the year.

  • In 2014, he obtains the “Premio Páginas”, as “Magician of the Year”, with the magicians society of Spain as a jury.

  • In 2015, the “Círculo de Ilusionistas y Magos Alcarreños” (CIMA), name him “Mago de Honor”, as a honour for his artistic career and merits.

  • In 2016, he is nominated to Princess of Girona Award, an exclusive award only for young entrepreneurs with international and innovative projection.

  • One more time, in 2016 he compite in the most prestigious magic contest in USA, organized by IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians), and Adrian Vega wons TWO awards: The People´s Choice awards and the Award of Merit in Texas.

  • In 2017, he received the 3th Prize in CloseUp Magic in the European FISM, becoming in one of the most exclusivity magicians around the world with one FISM Award.

Adrián Vega is one of the few artist that had obtained awards in every single contest that he had show up, and that is, perhaps, the biggest award of all.

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